Alexandra Therond, BA

Alexandra Therond completed a Bachelor in Psychology at the University of Concordia in May 2015. She is currently a Masters student in Psychology at Carleton University. She is completing her thesis at the Cognitive Remediation and Neuroimaging lab under the supervision of Dr. Synthia Guimond and Dr. Andrea Howard. Her main research focuses on assessing cognitive deficits in depression and helping develop clinical intervention trials of novel treatments to improve cognition of patients with this disorder. In her last position as a Research Analyst, she was coordinating one of the largest studies involving depression and dementia. This role has deepened her understanding of patient care and the importance of creating bridges between clinical and research teams. In the past three years, she has worked in many renowned institutions such as Toronto General Hospital, CAMH, CRIUGM and MUHC. She has received an extensive training on clinical and neurocognitive assessments. In the near future, she is interested in pursuing her PhD degree in Clinical Psychology in order to help patients with depression and improve their daily functioning. In Alexandra’s life outside of research, she loves travelling and unique culinary experiences; she has visited over 20 different countries.