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Etienne Lefebvre

Etienne Lefebvre is pursuing his Master’s degree in Neuroscience at Carleton University working under the supervision of both Dr. Amedeo D’Angiulli in the Neuroscience of Imagination Cognition and Emotion Research (NICER) lab and Dr. Synthia Guimond in the CRANI lab. Etienne completed his bachelor’s at Carleton University, where he received his degree in Cognitive Science with a specialization in the Biological Foundations of Cognition (2017). During his undergraduate, Etienne contributed to research on the neural correlates of visual attention/perception and visual imagery primarily using evidence from EEG analysis. His current research is focused on understanding how the brain’s resting state networks affect memory functions. More specifically, he is interested in investigating how and why abnormal resting state connectivity patterns appear to give rise to memory deficits in a variety of neuropsychiatric disorders. Apart from his love of all things brain-related, Etienne is an avid reader of non-fiction and can often be found reading anything ranging from philosophy, urban gardening or recent trends in technology.