Tabassum Rahman, MSc.

Tabassum Rahman is a Research Assistant with the Cognitive Remediation and Neuroimaging (CRANI) Lab at the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR). Her main goal is to spearhead the virtual reality cognitive remediation program for patients with schizophrenia and cognitive dysfunction. She will be conducting qualitative work with healthcare professionals and patients to develop evidence-based treatment.

Tabassum recently completed her Master’s of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Health Science at the University of Ottawa. Her research focused on uncovering neural and behavioral differences in young adults during dual task walking with discrete/continuous cognitive tasks. She also worked with the Schiff Lab at the Weill Cornell Medical Center as a Research Assistant to investigate working memory and language processing in comatose patients with EEG. She completed her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology with Honors at the City University of New York. Other than her love for science, Tabassum is passionate about exploring foreign lands.